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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 16, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is tuesday morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. >> guess what? there is rain in the forecast. not a lot. but, it is rain. probably thursday morning when it will affect us the most. wednesday morning. today's forecast shows sunshine and high clouds at 72 to 82 with the warmest, 82 to 87 and the coast and san francisco is the coolest and 66 to 71. that is the first forecast. at look at traffic. leyla gulen? >> smooth sailing.
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and the tail lights in the westbound direction with no problems and the dumbarton is in great shape. the only crash was a fender bender pushed to the shoulder and that is cleared off the freeway and westbound 80 at meridian road and 505 drive moving along fine and south of the bridges they are at top speed so no problems. on highway 37, we have a big project that will begin this weekend with a follow-up the nbc couple of weeks after that. firefighters are battling a blaze at a lumberyard and matt is at the scene. >> this is a huge fire with smoke billowing up from the lumberyard as first firefighters puts the water on it. they say they have the flames knock down but they will be here for a while to get at the pile in the lumber your.
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check out the pictures shot by the san jose fire department photographer. the pal lots were burning so employees were working when the fire break out and the park lot is adjacent to the yard with cars in danger of being damaged. >> flames were really, really close. almost to the fence. we had to get the cars out and work it from both sides. everyone was safe. the cars were safe, too. the train bun on the property but firefighters do not believe anyone was there this morning and firefighters say arson investigators will look and they do not know the cause but the time of the morning makes it "suspicious." at the 101 overpass it is blocked off and this is a busy road and firefighters have to get the hoses out of the road
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before they can open up week traffic. thanks, matt. in northern california firefighters are holding their ground against several wildfires that spreading including one that destroyed 100 buildings and chased thousands from the homes. nick is in the newsroom. >> good morning, the fire continues to burn with one church and dozens of hopes. high winds are fueling the fire ripping through the small town near mount shasta and 1,500 people were forced to leave with only what they could carry breaking out yesterday and burned 350 acres and is only 15 percent contained. noon the buildings destroyed was the lumber mill the main employer in the town. half of the town has been wiped out. >> i smelled smoke and walked out and looked to the right of
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me and behind me a tree was if flames and it was so close i was shaking in my boots. i could see the fire. >> an hour after i got home i got the call, get out. >> that is not the only fire, crews are working to contain a a fast-moving fire in madera county that has scotched more than 300 acres. it is 35 percent contained. firefighters hope that daylight and dying winds will give them the upper hand. >> if you had to drive crass the golden gate bridge to get into san francisco this morning you may want to give yourself extra time. workers with the golden gate bridge transit district are going on strike today and they plan to picket near the toll plaza at 6:00 this morning after unsuccessful talks with management for a new contract. the bridge will be open and ferry and bus service are not
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expected to be affected. this is only a one day strike. our reporter will have details coming up in a report in 30 minutes. >> the san francisco board of supervisors will vote on a help proposal to pay for legal services for child immigrants escaping violence setting aside $1 million for those children living in san francisco until 2016 and the mayor would not be required to spend all of it. president obama has announce plan to deport thousands would emgraded from industrial america to detour others. >> miss say two football players held down a teach mate and shaved his head in the locker room at the charter high school. the two 17-year-old suspects are facing hazing charges and their napes have not been released because they are minors.
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the freshman was not physically hurt. >> police are investigating hundreds of thousands of equipment missing. the miss equipment is hardware made by cisco for a new wireless internet system and the school said it is worth at least $700,000 and the administration suggested the gear may not have been delivered but would not say when it should have arrived. the distributor would only say that they cooperating with the san jose state police investigation. >> fairfield police need the help to identify a robbery suspect. authorities say this man is suspected in several armed robberies and the photo was taken from a check cashing store after being robbed on friday. the suspect is described as 30-year-old man, 5' 9" and medium build. he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants. if you have information contact
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the police. >> american fighter jets have launched an attack against isis in iraq. this strike was this support of iraqi security forces who came under attack and comes as isis has selected the next victim 47-year-old british aide worker one of five western hostages still being held. ed whose is hoping the bill to arm and train the moderate rebels will pass conditioning this week. hurricane odile is down fridayed but the remnant could bring heavy rain to the midwest. odile left a trail of destruction through mexico's baja peninsula and cabo suffered a direct hit with power out aims widespread. 30,000 tourists are strand there many from the bay area and 15 people have been treated if minor injuries from flying
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glass. a woman from san francisco was having a bachelorette party there and is now stranded with her three sisters and ten friends. she says mattresses have been pet up against the clatter ones and people are sleeping in the halls. she says they have been told it could take two weeks for them to get home. it was quite damaged. it will move into the high desert and bring a chance of flash flooding for us and arizona. we not going to get significant rain on thursday morning. 52 in palo alto and redwood city is 56 and redwood city can belmont is 59 and san bruno is 63 degrees. hayward is 64. 61 at concord and 51 in santa
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rosa. you can see how clean the air is and we will stay in the mid-50's through 7:00 and 64 to 76 is the spread with high clouds and sun and 66 at coast and 86 inland at 4:00 and about 76 at lunch. tomorrow two- to four-degrees cooler and wednesday into thursday is the best chance of light showers and it is dry quickly starting on friday. the weekend forecast is coming up. looking through san jose is clear from highway 17 into cupertino and not going to be eventful at this hour so that is what we like to wake up to. as we head over to walnut creek, we have this accident involving a pickup truck with debris in the road at highway 24 and we have delays in the northbound direction. not sure what that is about. as we continue along 680 from walnut creek to dublin the drive
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is 14 minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco is 15 minutes and want out for fog and highway 17 right now northbound to los gatos is 24 minutes. >> that is a question: would you like a free cup of coffee to start your day? >> i would. >> we will tell you where in america's money report. >> bay area drag queens locked out of facebook account, with a meeting to avert a
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>> cover san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning at 5:13. this is a look at embarcadero in san francisco and a cooler day. meteorologist mike nicco is checking out the rain a couple days away with details ahead. >> one of the most activity volcanos in the philippines is showing signs of potential scientists say it spewed a higher number than usual number of hot rocks two years ago when ash killed five climbers.
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>> four the fourth time senate republicans block add bill to strengthen federal equal pay laws for women with which want employers from retaliating against employees would share salary information with each other, impose harsher penals if pay discrimination and require employees to show that gaps define men and women based on factors other than gender. the bill needed 60 votes to overcome a republican filibuster and advance to final vote but it fell short. a major department store chain is offering same day delivery for items purchased on the web site. >> here is america's money report. good morning, same day delivery from a department store. customers can order online from macy's and if they are in 15 miles of certain stores you can get the merchandise right away. the program starts later this fall. >> olive garden's unlimited
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bread supply is under attack, by the investors saying this is "italian generosity. >> such was supposed to be the answer to mountain d. w but there are still loyal fans. coke put a limited number of the so did on amazon yesterday and they sold out in a few hours. this morning, a friday cup of coffee at mcdonald's for two weeks during breakfast hours with no purchase necessary. that is america's money. off for coffee. >> white house is approving the wearing of body cameras by police officer as a potential solution to the mistrust of law enforcement after it exploded in federal government so, missouri, hoping to give a clear picture of incident involving police. several police forces have already adopted body cameras. >> a search filter sending blocking links to gay and
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lesbian sites. they blocked certain sites although customs could block offensive websites but there will not an a block of sites just because it is related to sexual orientation. lgbt groups praise the move saying it is time that overreach of security is corrected. facebook will miami tomorrow with the members of the lgbt upset over a profile policy that forces drag queens to use their real name on facebook saying their pages are locked out until they use their real name. it is in part to deal with cyberbullying. >> to show how people are searching for rain everyone is talking about what we could get.
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>> in the middle of a drought you are talking about no drilling and the water we are missing and i will show you what is going on. it will not be much but the timing is key falling during the commute most likely on thursday. petaluma has the thick fog up 101 between novato and santa rosa and that is it. we do not have a marine layer if any at all because of low pressure and air tens to rise and we do not get the capping of the atmosphere and you can see how clean it is over to san francisco this morning. high clouds are cooling and showers are possible wednesday night through thursday morning and drying. today the cloud deck shows it is developing along the coast headed through the afternoon and look at high clouds later this afternoon for the rest of us dimming the sunshine enough to keep the temperatures cooler than yesterday at mid-to-upper 70's and the south bay with 79
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in san jose, and 88 if gilroy, and santa cruz is 76 with rough subtoday and millbrae is the cool spot at 72 degrees and we go from the mid-to-upper 70's southbound and upper 60's loan the coast and touching 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and 66 in bodega bay is the cool spot so you get the cloud cover first and upper 70's to low 80's through the north bay valleys and the warmer spots and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore from oakland at 74 and castro valley is 79. inland, no need for the air conditioning with low-to-mid 88. tonight, clouds and maybe more cloud cover along the coast add low 60. wednesday morning, you can see the cold front with precipitation ahead the area of low-to-upper and cold front will walk out but wednesday evening you can see rain is developing in mendocino county and it
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slides down through 7:00 and there you go the only commute and by noon, it is gone, and possibly nearly .1" in santa rosa. the seven-day outlook shows cooler conditions continue our way tomorrow and thursday and friday the temperatures what back to am and away the bay and inland we should be warmer-than-average on sunday, monday and tuesday. leyla gulen? >> we will take what we can get. walnut creek southbound 680 had early trouble here at highway 24 and it looks like it is not borrowing the traffic just the normal buildup. you can see a few tail lights pushing to highway 24. a big project is happening on friday at 10:00 a.m. eastbound and westbound highway 37 between highway 121 and 129 shut down through the weekend until mop at
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5:00 at -- until monday at 5:00 a.m. the first weekend in a series of weekends and a full week that it will be shut down toward the end of the month. be prepared. keep that in mind. tracy to dublin is 35 minutes and we have a brand new crash at grant line road blocking one lane and that will cause extra traffic. >> seven things to know as you start director day and the coffee church you can recycle by eating. >> the new season of "dancing with the stars"
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immediate under control with huge flames on oakland road this morning with the cause "suspicious." >> at sun up, firefighters will resume the battle with three out-of-control wildfires this northern california. 100 buildings have been damaged or destroyed by the fire burning near mount shasta. hundreds of evacuated. >> in half half an hour union members will picket at the bay bridge toll plaza over unsuccessful bargaining talks with management for a new contract promising commuters and ferry riders are not affected. >> two suspected brutally attacked an early december couple 90 years old beaten by a man and woman who took their wallets and jewelry after asking
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for a clipping of a plant. >> a coalition of domestic violence support groups are asking the 49ers to bench ray mcdonald the latest effort to pressure the team into punishing mcdonald arrested on suspicious of domestic violence. so far, no charges have been filed. >> a look at a lack of cloud cover this morning with the extra sunshine a little cooler today but the big story everyone is talking about is the rain coming in on wednesday night into thursday. the update is heed in the seven-day forecast. all is calm on the bay area roads and we have had a couple of fender bender but all in all we moving along at top speeds with clear congestion building over the pass with the drive times coming up. >> hollywood is buzzing about "dancing with the stars" premiere last night. ♪ i got the beat ♪ to move your feet >> it wasn't from "fresh
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prince," roll but alphonso brought it, he and witny are in first place. this season has a few twists including guest judges including hough and 13 celebrities starts and ribeiro is an orders on favorite to win and tommy chong is a long shot as in cheech and chong. >> i almost cried i was so happy and shocked. >> we will surprise you. this is the beginning we held back. a little. the first week. >> watch tonight at 8:00 the stars are back on the floor and someone is going home at of competition tonight. >> a coffee shop owner is putting a spin to grabbing coffee on the go. alfred's couple offers espresso in a waffle cone cup but costs
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between $8 and $9 a drink but it is creating a big buzz, chocolate and caffeine wrapped in one adorable looking package. >> people will be out of control. we have 90 minutes of news ahead. we told you of a brand new bicycle law affecting drivers and today it takes effect. what you need to know before you hit the road.
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risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good tuesday morning, thanks for joining us. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. thank you. we will start with live doppler
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hd showing a few clouds along the coast. some are trying to spill across san francisco. they are going to have a hard time getting as wide spread as yesterday. you can see the lone one pushing toward sutro tower. we have high clouds. sun. cooler weather. inland is warmest at 82 to 87. cost interest san francisco is 66 to 71. around the bay we have 72 but we are in the low 80's deeper into the south bay and into the not bay. out the door traffic, leyla gulen? >> you could have an extra cup of coffee with richmond-san rafael toll plaza moving along without a problem moving across the water and the drive times across the or bridges, 101 golden gate bridge is less than ten minutes away from the waldo tunnel to the city and 80 is the bay bridge westbound and
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metering lights are not turned on and san mateo is at 12 minutes away from hayward into foster city. we have construction across the bay area and this drive along northbound 101 is going to be blocking a couple of lanes until 6:00. more on breaking news we have been following all morning with san jose firefighters mopping up after a tough fight in the south bay lumber yesterday with dozens of pallets generating massive flames and thick smoke and our reporter is in san jose with more on that story. we have good news, stroke road at 101 is open in both directions and just opened up in the past 10 minutes but we have an active fire scene and firefighters will. for a couple more hours to make sure the flames are out. check out the new video from the san jose fire department photographer, firefighters found 35 to 40' flames.
5:31 am
they had to breakthrough the gate to get in the yard. firefighters decided to fight the flames from the outside. it is suspicious because of the time of day. >> it is undetermined how it started. when it -- if someone was welding or start something on fire that is different but arson is called out and they will investigate but right now it is undetermined. >> workers at auto shop of mood their clients car to keep them from being damaged. firefighters are trying to get in contact with the lumberyard owners and firefighters will go through to make sure there is in active fire in the wood pallets and are still putting water on the flames. they will be here for a couple more hours. >> fires are working to gain the upper hand on three wildfires that have exploded in northern
5:32 am
california. high winds burned through the small town of weed near mount shasta and 100 veries have been damned or destroyed including a lumber mill, a clutch and elementary school. 350 acres have burned and it is only 15 percent contained with a victim say half of the town is wiped out. hundreds are under development and have been evacuated. >> eat of sacramento the king fire has burned 8,600 acres. flames are threatening on homes and evacuation orders are in place. crews lost ground since sunday allowing containment from 10 percent to 5 percent. an inmate crew battling the flames survived although they
5:33 am
were surrounded. >> in madera county, a fire has destroyed 30 homes and 28 other structures. it has scorched 300 acres. three water wells serving the area have been destroyed and the fire is 35 percent contained. no word on what starts the fire. >> golden gate bridge commuters will say picket fines this morning on the way to work >> a little. no strikers are here credit so you can cross right now without any problems. the bridge is open today. the only thing that could happen, people could slow down to watch those people picketing. there will be 50 workers showing up at 6:00 this morning. it will not impact the bridge. or the ferry. workersworker say consider thisa warning. there has been in control since
5:34 am
july 1. it impacts the ferry captains, bus hands and bridge workers. they are willing to strike again as early as neck week if a deal is not reached at the time committee will shut down the service. that makes commuters nervous. >> i cannot go all the way around to bay to get to work it is bad enough now getting to san francisco and drive right now. it would cause havoc for a lot of people. >> bridge management has negotiated in good faith and is disappointed the union has decided to strike were the worker say their workers are 12 percent the cot living and the sticking point is paying for health care. no talks are scheduled at this point. this is a one day strike but if workers do not get a deal it could just be the beginning.
5:35 am
suspects who robbed an elderly couple if their home. paz and jamie nagal say a man and woman approached them on friday asking for clipping of their flowers for their mother and they relieded their wallets and jewelry were missing. >> they returned and she talked to me and pretended to have a heart attack. >> she held me down and i bit her hand. she lost a tooth. >> the couple got away and got help and described the suspect as in their 40's with an accent, possibly arabic and took the couple's safe and left in an older model car. >> domestic violence support groups are putting heat on the 49ers over mcdonald with a
5:36 am
group of 17 organizations calling on the 49ers to bench mcdonald, the 30-year-old was arrested last month on suspicion of domestic abuse against his pregnant girlfriend. he has not been formally charged. the case is under investigation. his first court appearance is canceled because the investigation is ongoing. >> more trouble for another star, adrian peterson was involved in another abuse case involving a different son in juan. the child's mother said he hit the four-year-old so hard it left a scar. semi- filed such she said she fa report but protective services but nothing happened. last week he disciplined another son with a switch leaving scars on the child. the attorney issued a statement saying that the alleges of another investigation into adrian peterson is not true and this is not a new allegation but is unsubstantiated with no
5:37 am
ongoing or new investigation. >> police are holding a fairfield woman after investigator say her child brought a gun to the library. investigators say the 11-year-old who has spell needs took the handgun from a family member's home over the weekend and was carrying the weapon around in a backpack and show it to friends when officers conducted a check of home, they found deplorable live conditions and the mother was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment. >> a new law requires drivers to stay 3' away from bicyclists and aims to protect bicyclists like this one sent to the hospital. a van hit the rider of an electric bicycle in san francisco and also required drivers to pass bicyclists at a speed that is "reasonable and rue -- prudent." we checked at buffer zone where traffic lanes average 8' wide
5:38 am
and you can check out investigation on our website at >> the napa public health department will go door-to-door to gather data on the impact of the earthquake on residents conducting surveys today and today and thursday in napa and american canyon in surrounding areas in napa with volunteers wearing badges and gatherness on the evening's impact on residents from 8:00 am to 7:00 p.m. and no personal information will be collected. >> governor brown will sign a landmark measure to regulate groundwater pumping the most significant water law the state has seen in nearly 50 years. california is the only state with no ground water regulation and until now property owners have been able to drill wells and take as much water from the group as they wanted. the legislation would create new local agencies with the power to restrict pumping, shut down harmful wells and impose fines and penalties if violators. the goal is to get california
5:39 am
ground water back to the acceptable levels that accounts for 40 percent to sick percent of the fresh water we drink. >> the rain could come later this week. >> they worried in the valley of a sinkhole develop because of the overpumping of ground water according to study or studies that have been done by the u.s. geological survey. 62 in san rafael. warmest in the north bay and low-to-mid 50's in santa rosa at 51 and american canyon is 56. san francisco is 62. the let us in the mid-to-upper 50's and san jose is 58. if you arc is 59. we have a lot of sunshine by noon at 64 and 70 and 76 at the coast and bay and inland and 86
5:40 am
by 4:00 with high clouds coming in and low-to-mid 60's by 7:00 around the coast and bay and 78 inland. increasing clouds and cooler tomorrow and showers looking more likely for wednesday and a one and done, warmer air is open way for the weekend with more details coming up in the seven-day forecast. here is leyla gulen with the traffic. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:40 traffic is building and we have a couple of problems involving two vehicles with one lane blocked leaving with backups from 205 and you are on the brakes from tracy and you are back on the brakes with the stalled vehicle westbound 580. from tracy to dublin it is 40 minutes. from san jose northbound 101 we have a cash blocking one lane
5:41 am
causing heavy delays away from am bull rock so bumper-to-bumper traffic to the film it and it eases to the san jose airport. in a few hours president obama will get an update on the ebola crisis and the major new help the united states is sending to battle the deadly outbreak in west africa. >> san jose winning the war against the discarded plastic bags and receiving an honor for at 1-800-dentist, we're about one thing. helping you find a dentist you'll want to go to for the rest of your life. we've helped over 8 million people find that dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪
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>> the pentagon is joining the fight against ebola in west africa. president obama is ordering 3,000 military personnel to liberia to coordinate relief efforts. the president will travel to land to to visit the centers for disease control amid criticism from health experts on the global respond to the ebola outbreak in west africa which has killed 2,500 people. >> a mental paint is dead after eating a poison mushroom and the familiar is demanding answers. the family of the 31-year-old was being treated for schizophrenia at cordilleras mental health facility in redwood city and he found and ate the mushroom outside in a fenced in area. a day later he was vomiting and
5:45 am
four days later he was pull off life support. >> these are vulnerable people would need to be protected and he was not protected and he was not safe. >> yes, he had a mental illness but he had a human right to be taken care of. >> family is considering legal action. >> bart is giving their side even counter between a rider and police. [ inaudible ] why are you hurting me? >> police say the woman was backing on windows and trying to get a door open last week. this video posted on youtube by another rider. the woman resisted according to 9 police slow was arrested. she was checked at the hospital before being booked for public
5:46 am
intoxication. >> san jose will be presented with an award for the efforts to get rid of plastic bags. the league will give the city council an award for excellence if the 2012 bring your own bag ordinance with officials say the ordinance resulted in a 71 percent decrease in plastic bag liter prohibiting all san jose retail stores from providing single use carry out plastic bags. >> the forecast shows mike coming over from checking live doppler hd and just hoping that the moisture from odile will took up with the low from the rain but it is not making a connection. the rain is in the 50ing but it is just not going to be heavy and the timing is the key. during the commute on purrs it -- on thursday it could be worse for driving. i know we need the rain.
5:47 am
before the tweets and e-mails come in. fairfield is 15 miles per hour and that is on live doppler hd and you can see from the east bay hills we did not have high pressure so we do not have a marine layer and the clouds did not develop during the overnight. we will have high clouds and sun with a few low clouds developing loan the coast and showers possible wednesday through thursday and a dry and warmer-than-average weekend ahead. at the coast the clouds will develop and we will have high clouds developing later in the afternoon. into the evening. a sea breeze and clouds are coming in cooler. the warmest weather is gilroy at 88 and down to 80 in los gatos and 76 in santa cruz and a dangerous surf and mid-to-upper 70's for the rest of santa clara valley. 72 at millbrae. the coast is milder. temperatures in the upper 60's.
5:48 am
nearly seven in downtown and sausalito. bodega bay is 66. notice a difference with more sun at the beach but it is going to have a rougher surf in the north bay. east bay shore has mid-to-upper 70's and inland we have temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's. the area of low pressure is a weakening cold front and we have rain in mendocino county and northwest corner of sonoma and overnight right into the heart of the rush hour we will have rain. then it will dissipate by thursday afternoon. we have at most .1" around santa rosa and less than .05" in san francisco and maybe .02" in the south bay. it will be cooler we know through thursday. we will be back to average on friday with afternoon sun and
5:49 am
warmer-than-average away from the coast through the weekend into monday. >> metering lights on early this morning at ten minutes ago. we have plenty of traffic and delays. away from the maze we have backups approaching the over pass that pour into the toll plaza and across the bay area we have an accident blocking one lane in northbound highway 101 and the rest of san jose is quiet. the gates open at 6:00 p.m. for lil' wayne so there will be a lot of traffic on the surrounding streets. avoid the area if you can and take 280. a daring rescue in santa cruz with a wildlife worker coming to the aid of a hawk that
5:50 am
fell down a drain in the middle of traffic >> the drive saw the hawk talk a tumble and it is believe three was hit by a vehicle and with the hope of santa cruz police officer on traffic criminal an official with fish and wildlife was able to go into the drain and retrieve the human being and was taken to the native animal rescue for medical treatment. >> from a wayward hawk to a biting bat. >> a man's weekend get away went awry because of a wild creature who would not back off. >> $100,000 to quit your job? employees are offered a super
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>> two world war ii will be flying out of san francisco to washington, dc so she have an opportunity to see the world war ii monday up, the first flight out of sfo. donations pay for the entire trip so there is no cost to the veterans. this we get guided tours of the world war ii memorial on the national mall and to other memorial sites in the city. >> a santa cruz beach is closed for four days because of a shark attack. a great white shark knocked a man off of his board and took a chunk out at the beach. you can see the damage to the board. he says the shark came out of nowhere. >> i was tossed in the air by 10 or 15' and i looked down and saw shark. i rolled over on my board and it
5:54 am
took a bite on the way down. >> he was tied to the board so the shark you pulled him under water for five seconds and he said the shark let go and he swam to shore the another beach has posted signs telling people not to swim until thursday after a shark was seen attacking a seal there. >> thursday may not be the day when people flock to the beach judging from the forecast. >> be careful, you are mentioning the rain especially thursday morning we have beach hazard through the evening for the bay specifically the beaches around santa cruz and the beaches around marin county facing the southwest. we will talk about what is going on at the game two weeks left in the season rangers and a's and 68 at 7:00 and dropping to 62. watch out for haze and smoke and 81 at lake tahoe and 87 in wrote cement and 100 in fresno and
5:55 am
sunshine around monterey and 95 in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> we have 44 bart trains on time and ace train one is a minute late and golden gate bridge is nice and clear. away from marin to san francisco northbound traffic does not have slow downs and we have construction and it is in affect until further notice and eastbound 580 at central avenue you have construction crews and that is a permanent construction project that is there throughout the day and some the evening. if you are headed along in the westbound direction the toll plaza is not too bad and the drive from tracy to dublin is 43 minutes and slowing on highway 4 from antioch to concord. the state board of equalization is asking car buyers to check their tax rate and you may have paid too much to dmz championing taxes based on zip code rather than the address and tax rates can vary
5:56 am
in a zip code so some buyers may have paid too much. >> we have had instances where the people used a map to show where they live and, unfortunately, the department of motor vehicles said, well, you have to pay the higher rate and you have to apply for a refund. >> state posted information on how much money you should have paid so you can compare it to how much you were charged. the link is posted open our website at >> a man learned the hard way he cannot have a jam session freeway he wants. >> there are critics especially in the middle of the woods in oregon. derrick was play a guitar with his friends at a camp site when the bat circled around and flew in and bit him on the neck but the bat wasn't done, he tried to bite him two more times before the friend shot it with a bb gun, self defense and the bat
5:57 am
had rabies so he has to go through the rabies. they were recording the jam session because he was having a good day. >> i thought you say they were going to make the audience go "batty," but he is getting the shots. >> billed sign into law by the governor and the impact that a bill will have on children with allergies in the classroom. >> seven-day outlook teams up exclusively with "consumer reports" to test out child car seats and something that parents need to be aware of but they bring one home for their
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a lumberyard erupted into
6:00 am
flames. >> california burning: wildfires raining across northern california and a small town is nearly wiped off the map. a look for you with golden gate bridge bridge protest and a bus pulling out right now and passing through the toll plaza and some people may notice the protesters with the labor dispute leading to the demonstration. on thursday, we have a good change in the weather. in 48 hours we will watch rain on live doppler hd but until that time we have a nice morning and there is no marin lay we so we do not have cloud cover or fog. around the bay, clouds and sick. sunshine and noon at 72. cooler and high clouds pull in and 78 at 4:00 and 68 at 7:00. around inland


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